At LiveLike, we believe in giving our users the best possible experience when it comes to fan engagement. Our goal is to combine cutting-edge technology with the interactive, community-driven features needed to fuel growth and user retention. That’s why we teamed up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to power our platform and offer LiveLike clients all of the amazing benefits of AWS’s extensive infrastructure.

LiveLike offers a powerful suite of tools to enable seamless and scalable interactive user experiences. S3 is the go-to solution for storing media assets such as stickers, reactions, and widget images, while CloudFront ensures lightning-fast content delivery and API responses. With Aurora Postgres, LiveLike easily manages databases on a global scale, providing unmatched reliability and performance. And for managing background tasks and offline job processing, LiveLike relies on the robust and flexible SQS. With these tools, LiveLike is able to deliver high-quality media experiences that are both reliable and lightning-fast.

With AWS, we are able to operate globally while offering our users a stable, scalable and high-performing platform thanks to the use of Amazon’s robust and reliable services.

But what sets us apart?

  • Unmatched Digital Customer Experience

    Our 360° approach brings together interactive touch points, community-building features, and rewards-based incentives for optimal customer engagement and brand loyalty.

  • Leading the Charge in Innovation

    We are committed to pioneering the future of fan engagement by challenging conventions, exploring emerging technologies and driving progress with groundbreaking solutions. In other words, when it comes to fan engagement, we’re fearless!

  • Commitment to Empowering End Users

    We can’t stress this point enough: it’s all about the end-user experience. That’s why when developing our platform solutions, we always keep the end user in mind to ensure we offer everything needed to deliver the best possible user experience.

  • Freedom of Content & Community Management

    It’s all about the three Cs: content, community and customization! With our extensive suite of interactive and informative widgets, live chats, and loyalty rewards programs, we provide everything our clients need to expertly craft customized content and efficiently manage fan communities on their platform.

  • Technological Mastery

    We are proud to have assembled a team of the most highly skilled professionals who bring unparalleled expertise and knowledge to the projects they take on.

    At LiveLike, we’re able to offer a suite of modular solutions that layer perfectly onto our clients’ proprietary platforms, whether it’s for Web, iOS or Android. We make sure to prioritize both the flexibility and customizability of our UI/UX solutions to ensure ease of use and ease of integration.

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