Transforming Fan Engagement: LiveLike x Jupiler Pro League

In 2022, Jupiler Pro League (JPL), Belgium’s premier football league, joined forces with LiveLike to revolutionize fan engagement on its platform. Ever since, the collaboration has empowered the league’s proprietary platforms and transformed the way JPL fans experience the game and more.

In this blog post, we will explore the seamless integration of LiveLike into the league’s digital strategy and how it has elevated fan interaction, driven traffic, and encouraged registrations on the JPL digital platform.

Seamless Integration & Elevated Fan Engagement: Interactive Match Centre

Our partnership with Jupiler Pro League began by seamlessly integrating our Man of the Match widget into their match centre, accessible on both the JPL website and mobile app. This widget, powered by Stats Perform’s data, showcases the top five rated players of each game, inviting fans to cast their votes. Since its introduction in September 2022, the widget has generated an impressive level of fan participation, due to the fact that users are required to register in order to vote. As a result, we have witnessed a remarkable 360% increase in opt-ins and over 60,000 unique interactions. These exceptional results serve as a testament to the undeniable impact of LiveLike’s Man of the Match widget, driving registrations and significantly enhancing user engagement. 

Captivating Fans with LiveLike Interactive Widgets

The collaboration between LiveLike and JPL went beyond simply integrating the match centre; it also included the use of other interactive LiveLike widgets throughout the JPL platform experience. The league successfully implemented interactive widgets on its mobile application home page, offering fans pulse surveys and captivating questions about matches and players alike. These widgets provide an opportunity for registered users to share their opinions on various topics, such as predicting the league champion or voting for the ultimate man of the matchday. 

By limiting widget access to solely registered users, JPL aims to expand its user base and foster a sense of exclusivity on the platform. The introduction of these exclusive interactive widgets has played a pivotal role in driving fan engagement, sparking conversations, and encouraging active participation. This strategic approach has helped transform the league’s digital platform into a vibrant community, where fans come together to connect and immerse themselves in the JPL experience.

Empowering Internal Projects: JPL Awards 2023

Beyond offering our tools for fan engagement, we have expanded our capabilities to also support internal projects such as the 2023 Pro League Awards. By leveraging LiveLike’s technology, the league has developed a dedicated platform that allows players to vote for various prestigious awards, including Player of the Season, Coach of the Season, Referee of the Season, and Youngster of the Season.

To ensure the accuracy of data collection and maintain the integrity of the voting process, each player was provided with a personalized link that served as their access point to the voting platform and were required to register before participating in the voting process.

LiveLike’s solution allowed for smooth data management and voting data organization, giving the league precise and dependable information to choose the award recipients. In this case, our technology streamlined the decision-making process for the league, giving a reliable system to record votes and making sure the right people in the league were given recognition.

The Future of Fan Engagement: LiveLike x JPL

The partnership between JPL and LiveLike has proven to be a game-changer on multiple fronts. By incorporating LiveLike’s interactive features, the league has witnessed a surge in interactions, registrations, and user satisfaction. 

From the Man of the Match widget to interactive home page widgets and the player award standalone platforms, LiveLike has played a vital role in helping the league to transform and empower its digital ecosystem. LiveLike’s versatility shines through as it enables engagement with fans, data collection from both fans and players and facilitates the decision-making process. 

With LiveLike’s ongoing commitment to innovation and its diverse capabilities, including chat functionality, loyalty programs, and Web3 features, the potential to enhance the fan experience and foster deeper connections is limitless.

This partnership stands as a remarkable model in the sports industry, and we eagerly anticipate further collaborations with the league to demonstrate the transformative influence of interactive technologies in shaping the future of fan engagement. Together, we will continue to push boundaries and pioneer new approaches that revolutionize how fans interact with and celebrate their favorite sports.

Written By

Megan Glover

Brand & Content Manager

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