Get To Know Shruti

This week on our Get to Know LiveLike series, we’re excited to highlight Software Development Engineer and Tester Intern Shruti Aggarwal.

Shruti has been passionate about software development since she was younger, and thrives off of any opportunity to improve her skills, grow her knowledge, and further expertise when it comes to programming. She has a love for coding languages and is always looking to learn more from her peers. After being introduced to the world of coding in high school, Shruti knew she wanted to find an SDE role and since found her way to the LiveLike team.

We’re happy to introduce you to Shruti and give you a chance to hear about her passion for coding, her daily responsibilities as an intern at LiveLike, and so much more. We’re proud to have someone like Shruti on our team, and excited to get to share a bit about her!

Tell us a little bit about your career path. How did you get into engineering?

My love for coding began when I first chose computer science in Grade 11 and that was the moment I decided I wanted to be a software developer. When I was first introduced to the concepts of programming languages, I was so excited to learn how different and powerful each of them are, learning first about the amazing power of C++.

After graduating, I continued with my journey in coding by entering into a postgraduate degree program to earn my Master’s of Computer Applications (MCA). I was a bright student but as soon as I got into college, I realized I had a lot more to learn in the coding space. I started participating in technical activities like research paper presentations, projects and more, conducting full, in-depth research on programming topics. 

During my postgrad, I worked really hard to learn other languages along with my program course subjects, and completed some really strong projects on my own and with my peers. I also used to spend time helping out other classmates who were eager to learn more about coding, which helped me to strengthen my own knowledge at the same time. I sat for placements in my MCA and eventually landed where I am today, living my dream to be part of a technical field and learn more every day.

Can you describe what an SDET intern does and what your typical workday looks like?

As an SDET intern, my workday is not often very typical and can greatly vary from day to day. Generally, I start by going through my messages and emails, and checking in with my teammates. Then, I check some of the JIRA tickets which are either related to my language domain or to that of my team. After that, I spend several hours learning more about the LiveLike product, and reading more on the technical documentation of the Company, other task-related documents and my domain-specific learnings. 

As a Software Development Engineer and Tester, I perform multiple kinds of testing throughout the day like sanity and regression, and on the development side I perform integration testing of the features, which gives me a better understanding about iOS language.

Did you always want to work in an SDE role?

Yes! It has always been my passion to work in the technical field as an SDE. When I first started learning about computers, I knew that I wanted to build something unique and helpful that would add to the betterment of the world. Since then, I have worked hard to get to the place I’m at today, and though I was unsure at times about the career journey I was taking, I am certain about the destination it led me to.


What have you learned about LiveLike (as both a business and a team) since you joined?

As an intern, you not only get to know the ins and outs of the product you’re working with but also the company. Since this is my first job out of my postgrad, I can say that being a part of LiveLike as a first career experience is no less than a blessing. As a startup, the opportunities at LiveLike are endless, and the company culture provides a profound example of how teams should work together. The people and the culture here not only work to foster the creation of a strong product, but it also has made me a better person both professionally and personally.

Someone once said that having a good manager feels like having a good friend, and I am lucky to have Vijay Rawat and Shivender Singh as my seniors. Even in terms of iOS skills, my knowledge zone has expanded and all the credit goes to iOS developers-Mike Moloksher, Ljupcho Nastevski, and Jelzon Monzon who are highly skilled and help me become a better developer each day. Everyone here believes in growing as a team and helps each other in the best possible way whenever the opportunity presents itself. 

Company culture aside, when I first got to know about the LiveLike product, I was astonished by the sheer creativity of it. It’s clear that the team at LiveLike is constantly working to make the product more optimized and present it to the world in the best possible manner.

Is there anything else you’d want to share with aspiring engineers?

Dear aspiring engineers, do not lose hope and remember that you will get to learn more in this field than any other. If you ever feel like giving up just remember your “WHY”. You don’t have to be perfect in everything, just be unbeatable in one domain. Do not get overwhelmed and do not compare your first day looking at someone’s 657th day of practicing. Just keep going and keep working on your skills. The world is full of help, you just have to ask for it. 

Love yourself, take really good of yourself in every manner and  be gentle towards yourself and to the people around you. And remind yourself everyday that “practice beats talent”.

Thank you, Shruti!

Written By
Megan Glover
Content Manager
Written By
Megan Glover
Content Manager