Incentivize your users with exciting rewards programs

Your users deserve some love for their loyalty.

By introducing unique loyalty and rewards programs that lead to discounts, virtual and physical goods, or exclusive experiences, you’ll encourage greater fan engagement, attract new users and keep your loyal fans coming back for more.


Incentivizing your users with a points system is one of the best and most common techniques for gamifying apps and experiences.

Points-based loyalty programs tap into your users’ desire for recognition, and can be a great way to nudge them towards certain behaviors, incentivize them to return to your platform, and even motivate them to refer your brand to others.


For users who are naturally competitive and crave a challenge or sense of rivalry, displaying points and badges on a visual leaderboard will drive their engagement with your platform even further.

By allowing your users to see their progress and that of the competition on a Leaderboard, you will keep them engaged, excited to use your platform, and eager to share their results with friends and family.


Badges can be used to celebrate certain accomplishments, share milestones with friends, and challenge your users to work towards particular goals.

A user profile can have multiple badges that can be earned or awarded, and badges will stay linked to each unique profile so your users can easily flaunt their wins!

Using our extensive suite of loyalty and rewards tools like points, badges, and leaderboards, you’ll bring your brand experience to the next level and incentivize your users to keep coming back for more.


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