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Seamlessly Onboard Non-Crypto Native Users


Simplify your overall minting process and remove the complexity of building smart contracts “on-chain” by minting your NFTs through our CMS.

Connect your wallet, upload and name your media file, and simply click on ‘Mint.’ Once the gas fee is paid, and your NFT is processed, it will appear directly in your wallet. The transaction history will be stored on our CMS.


Create a new NFT model based on utility-first structures and the concept of the earn-to-use model.

Link your NFTs to exclusive rewards and gated experiences, which will be supported within your native app and in other LiveLike-supported ecosystems.


Reward users who successfully participate with digital experiences such as quizzes, polls and chats within your native apps.

Using PoP systems can be used to increase trust and transparency among your loyal users, and improve your credibility as a brand.

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