About Us

LiveLike is a technology company dedicated to empowering digital experiences that enable deeper fan engagement, increased retention rates, and new monetization opportunities.

Who We Are

Mission: To empower digital experiences and convert passive audiences into engaged users.

Vision: We democratize online engagement tools to increase tech access across a variety of industries.

Media companies from around the world turn to us to transform their platforms into communal and interactive experiences.

Events like the Super Bowl, FIFA World Cup, NBA Playoffs, French Open, European soccer, and more have all utilized the LiveLike SDK to bring their fans closer to the action.

We empower our partners to enhance their platforms with features such as watch parties and gamification, helping them attract younger audiences, increase session lengths and improve retention, resulting in new monetization opportunities.

Our Core Values

We strive to exceed the expectations of the partners we work with and the entrepreneurs we serve. From maintaining honesty and transparency in the work we do, to working as a collaborative, inclusive team, having a defined set of core values helps us to stay on track to fulfilling our business goals.

All in all, we’re driven by a set of 6 core values:



Customer Focus

Passion for innovation



Meet the Team

We are a global technology company whose diverse, all-star team bands together to transform how people experience live sports, entertainment, and more.

At LiveLike, we strive to create an accessible and inclusive experience for all our employees.

As Seen In

We are proud to work with some of the leading media companies and sports organizations around the world. From Canal+, Sky Group and FOX, to the NBA, nugs.net, and WarnerMedia, our partners use LiveLike to build new fan experiences around live sports, entertainment, news, festivals and more!

Our Investors

We’re lucky to be joined on this journey by some of the best investors around the world.

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