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With our extensive suite of interactive features, your users will feel empowered and more likely to engage with your platform. They will get the chance to voice their opinions, share and test their knowledge, ask questions, and so much more!

Keep scrolling to learn how you can use Polls, Trivia Quizzes, Cheer Meters, Emoji Sliders, and Ask Me Anything widgets to start engaging your audience.


With live polling capabilities, you’ll allow your users to more easily interact with your content and share their thoughts, opinions, and knowledge with their fellow fans.

When you integrate text polls or image polls onto your platform, you’ll get a better understanding of the way your users think; you’ll gain access to your audience’s opinions and feedback, and see the results update live as the votes are cast.


Create a sense of friendly competition by integrating LiveLike Trivia Quizzes into your fan experience.

With quiz widgets, you’ll allow users to answer industry-specific questions in a multiple choice format that each have at least one correct answer. Users will get the chance to vote on the answer they think is correct, and eagerly await results that are revealed when the time expires. Enhance the quiz experience even further by adding rewards and points that can be earned for selecting the correct answer.

Cheer Meters

Whether it’s voting for their favorite recipe, or cheering for a player they want to see on the pitch, Cheer Meters provide the perfect opportunity for users to engage with your platform and share their opinions.

Cheer Meters involve posing a question to your audience and presenting two answer options with either text or images. Users will then have the option to tap or click as quickly as possible on the answer they think is correct or that they agree with the most. Once the voting period is closed, users will then receive feedback to learn how many times they tapped, and the most popular answer will be named the winner.


The LiveLike Slider widget allows you to ask your users more nuanced questions and lets your audience get more descriptive with their responses.

With our Slider widgets, users are presented with a question alongside a slider that presents a range of images or emojis to choose from. A slider is essentially a poll to which users respond by moving their cursor from left to right in order to view a scale of up to five images or emojis. Each image or emoji on the slider will represent an easy-to-understand response to the given question. Once a user has decided on the image they would like to choose that best represents their answer, they can simply slide their cursor over to that image and submit their response.

Ask Me Anything (AMAs)

The Ask Me Anything or AMA widget not only gives your users the chance to ask the questions, it also provides you with crucial insight into what your audience is thinking and looking for.

Use AMAs to gather open-ended feedback, respond to users in real time, or even to compile a list of questions from the crowd to ask the on-air talent during a live stream. With the AMA feature, you’ll allow everyone using your platform to share their input, get the answers they’re searching for, and maybe even see their content featured in the experience.

Polls, sliders, trivia, predictions, AMAs—all of these widgets have been designed to achieve one main goal: To improve the way brands and companies interact with their community.


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