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Whether it’s a press conference, a training session, or a live game on your OTT platform or match centre, let your fans enjoy your content by integrating our suite of interactive and social features.

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Using our suite of customized engagement tools, such as spoiler-free co-watching, influencer-driven chats, brand integration opportunities, and more, LiveLike can bring your brand experience to the next level and keep your fans excited and involved.

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LiveLike has the ability to bring your sports organization to the next level and keep your fans excited and involved. With our cutting-edge approach to incorporate community, interactivity, and gamification to the online user experience, our partners are able to engage fans from around the world.


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In 2020, Canal+ launched LiveLike’s engagement widgets on their MyCanal platform, with the goal of bringing its mobile and online viewers a new level of interactivity. Released in time for the Ligue 1 UberEats live match, Paris Saint Germain v. Rennes, this partnership allowed fans around the world to engage with polls, predictions, alerts, and more, while watching the game live from the Canal+ platform.


Due to LiveLike’s fully customizable producer suite CMS, the NASCAR editorial team has the freedom to be as creative as they want when using our features, seamlessly publishing fun and engaging content in real time during races. The team can also create and schedule their content onto their mobile app before the races have even begun, programming a queue of exciting, interactive features ready to be published at any moment. 


For the WNBA, Livelike created an online sports platform called Draft Fan Zone to enable fans to interact through quizzes and predictions as well as to engage with their favorite athletes through an influencer chat. Not only did the integration of gamified features result in high engagement rates on the Draft Fan Zone platform, but the partnership even caused a moment that ended up going viral on Twitter. 

Why It Matters

In a digital-first era, your fans are no longer satisfied with a passive sports viewing experience—they want to be as much a part of the action as possible, from the comfort of their own couch.

Now more than ever, fans expect their favorite sports leagues, organizations, broadcasters, and events to bring them the same sense of connectivity they would get on a typical game day; and brands who don’t deliver run the risk of losing fans to those who do.

Our tools are fully customizable!

Layer your brand elements like Lego blocks with our modular platform to create your own branded interactive experience. With fully customizable features to match your brand and sponsor’s look and feel.


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