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With our suite of informative widgets, you’ll be able to keep your users as up-to-date as possible, with all the information they need to get the ultimate fan experience on your platform. Read on to learn how Alerts, Deals, and Social Embeds can be used to keep your users informed and engaged.


Provide your users with all the information they need, exactly when they need it.

With LiveLike Alerts, you’ll be able to broadcast breaking headlines, timely GIFS, special offers, and relevant commentary, at just the right moments. To make sure you keep your users as up-to-date and informed as possible, our Alerts widget is extremely versatile, with the ability to broadcast text, media, or both on your platform, and to feature attached links for sponsorship destinations, or as points of integration for other apps and websites.


Deals are a major use-case of LiveLike Alerts that ensure your users stay updated on your latest product deals, specials, and promotions.

By integrating Deals, you’ll be able to notify your audience about specific offers from sponsors as well as steps they may need to take in order to redeem an offer. Deals not only ensure your users are made aware of your unique offerings, they also encourage users to return to your platform to make sure they’re not missing out on any exciting new promotions.

Social Embeds

Seamlessly integrate external images, videos, or posts onto your platform, no matter what kind of layout you love.

Social Embeds include images, videos or posts originating from external social media platforms that are placed within articles to enhance the timeliness and relevance of a story. You’ll be able to mix in any other social posts between all other types of interactions that LiveLike provides.

Add more context to your events while sharing additional insights, exciting deals and promotions, and images, videos or posts from external social platforms with your audience.


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