Enhancing Live News Broadcasts with LiveLike: Fox News & CBN

Traditional news broadcasts have always been a one-way communication channel, with viewers passively consuming information. But in recent years, tech advancements have opened up new opportunities to engage viewers like never before. An example of this progress is the ability to integrate interactive tools like trivia quizzes, polls, cheer meters, and emoji sliders into live news broadcasts. 

By harnessing the power of these fan engagement tools, news broadcasters can transcend the traditional passive viewing experience and establish a dynamic connection with their audience, empowering them to express their opinions, contribute to discussions, and engage with the news in real time.

With these developments in mind, the LiveLike audience engagement suite offers an ideal solution to facilitate this type of engaging, interactive viewer experience for news broadcasts. Through our partnerships with prominent networks like CBN and Fox News, we have demonstrated the effectiveness of our solution in real-world scenarios. By seamlessly integrating our interactive widgets and live chats into their broadcasts, these networks have effectively captured and sustained the attention and engagement of their viewers, amplifying their reach and overall influence.

In this article, we’ll explore how fan engagement tools have the potential to reshape the landscape of live news broadcasting and take a look at LiveLike’s suite in action.

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LiveLike: A Pioneer of Interactivity in Live News Broadcasting

Since the inception of the LiveLike audience engagement suite, our primary goal has been to convert passive users into active and engaged fans, not only boosting user participation but also fostering a sense of community and connection on digital platforms. As we’ll explore down the line, several partnerships we’ve held work to showcase this ability, with interactive community-building features that have the ability to engage viewers on a live news broadcast. Here are some examples of the most effective LiveLike tools for engaging broadcast viewers:

  1. Trivia Quizzes: Test viewers’ knowledge of relevant topics, fostering a sense of intellectual stimulation.
  2. Polls: Provide an avenue for viewers to voice their opinions and contribute to the ongoing discussion.
  3. Live Chats: Facilitate real-time conversations among viewers, fostering a vibrant community atmosphere. Live Chats allow viewers to interact, share their thoughts, and connect with like-minded individuals during the broadcast.
  4. Cheer Meters and Emoji Sliders: Enable your audience to express their emotions and sentiments instantaneously. By providing a range of reactions through cheer meters and emoji sliders, viewers can actively participate in the content, creating an immersive and shared experience.

Through the implementation of these LiveLike tools, we strive to enhance audience engagement during live-stream news broadcasts, fostering an environment that promotes active participation, intellectual stimulation, and a strong sense of community.

LiveLike x Fox News: Transforming the 2020 Presidential Election Experience

One notable example of the successful integration of our interactive tools is our partnership with Fox News. In 2020, Fox News tasked LiveLike with creating a digital interactive watch party and second-screen experience for the highly anticipated presidential election. This collaboration aimed to provide viewers with an immersive and engaging platform to follow the scheduled Presidential and Vice-Presidential Debates while simultaneously participating in additional activities and accessing exclusive content from Fox News talent.

To achieve this, LiveLike implemented a range of interactive features tailored to enhance the viewing experience. The Influencer Chat feature allowed Fox News talent personalities to broadcast live chats, enabling viewers to engage in real-time conversations and react to messages. This interactive exchange facilitated a sense of connection between the audience and the Fox News personalities, elevating the engagement level and fostering a vibrant community.

In addition, LiveLike’s platform incorporated interactive widgets, such as trivia quizzes and polls, further enriching the watch party experience. These widgets encouraged viewers to actively participate by testing their knowledge and sharing their opinions on various election-related topics. The inclusion of interactive elements not only heightened viewer engagement but also provided valuable insights into audience preferences and opinions.

Furthermore, LiveLike’s timeline mode played a crucial role in the interactive watch party experience. By offering a live feed with news alerts and updates, viewers remained informed about the latest developments during the election. This real-time information ensured that viewers stayed engaged and connected to the evolving political landscape.

The collaboration between LiveLike and Fox News for the 2020 presidential election watch party was a resounding success. The experience garnered over 200,000 unique visitors, with an impressive 57% engagement rate with the interactive widgets. In total, there were 2.9 million widget interactions, showcasing the high level of viewer participation and interest. Additionally, the solution was sponsored by Absolut and Bud Light, who took advantage of sponsored alerts to promote their brands and connect with the engaged audience.

LiveLike x Christian Broadcasting Network

In a similar broadcasting-based partnership in 2022, the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), known for its impactful programming, teamed up with LiveLike to take its live viewing experience to new heights and create a sense of community among its viewers. One of their standout events, CBN’s Week of Prayer, became even more special with the integration of our engagement suite.

To bring their community closer and provide a platform for interaction during the event, CBN utilized our solution to power a public live chat during their daily shows, giving viewers the opportunity to engage in real-time conversations with fellow viewers and share their thoughts, prayers, and reflections.

With the implementation of a dedicated Chat Room space in their desktop platform, CBN successfully transformed their online viewing experience into an engaging and communal space where viewers could interact with the hosts, guests, and even fellow audience members. To join in on the lively discussions, all users had to do was enter their names and hop right into the chat room. 

By embracing LiveLike’s technology, CBN expanded the reach of their programs beyond passive viewership, providing an inclusive platform where viewers could actively participate and find support in their faith journey.

Whether it was sharing personal stories, seeking prayers, or finding comfort in the words of others, the live chat feature allowed CBN viewers to connect on a deeper level. This successfully strengthened the bond between the network and its audience, reinforcing the sense of community and belonging.

Interactive tools have the power to transform live news broadcasts by enhancing engagement, fostering a sense of community, and cultivating a dedicated fan base. LiveLike, with its innovative platform, is at the forefront of this revolution, empowering news broadcasters to integrate quizzes, polls, live chats, cheer meters, and emoji sliders seamlessly. The partnerships between LiveLike and the Christian Broadcasting Network and Fox News serve as prime examples of how interactive tools can be successfully implemented to create immersive and engaging news broadcasts.

As technology continues to advance, we can expect interactive tools to become an integral part of the news-watching experience, further enhancing viewer engagement and community-building. By embracing interactive broadcasting, news organizations can captivate their audiences, provide personalized experiences, and establish stronger connections with their viewers. The future of live news broadcasts lies in the hands of interactive tools, where engagement and community thrive in tandem with the evolving media landscape.

Written By
Megan Glover
Brand & Content Manager

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