Product Update: Swift and Kotlin SDKs & New Comments Capabilities

Feb 23, 2023

It’s time for our February product update! We have exciting new developments to report, including the recent availability of Swift and Kotlin SDKs, expanded comments-as-a-service capabilities, and more.

The LiveLikeSwift SDK Now Available!

This month, we rolled out a pure Swift module that can be used on iOS and brings additional support to watchOS, tvOS, and macOS. 

Swift is a powerful, open-source programming language used for building a wide range of software applications. And by developing a Swift SDK, we’re introducing some major perks to developers, businesses and users alike: think increased productivity, a better user experience, improved interoperability, and stronger security. 

Since our Engagement SDK was designed specifically for iOS and built with the inclusion of iOS stock UI, its compatibility is limited to the iOS platform. To overcome this limitation and make the Engagement SDK accessible to a wider range of platforms, we developed the Swift SDK to allow for compatibility across all platforms that can run Swift. 

And the best part? Swift is a lightweight language, which means faster download speeds, a quicker installation process, lower storage requirements, and a smoother performance overall!

The LiveLike Kotlin SDK Now Available!

Along the same lines, we similarly developed a pure Kotlin module that is compatible with other Kotlin environments like Fire OS and can be used on the server. 

Kotlin is a modern, cross-platform programming language that has gained popularity in recent years, especially for Android development. Some of the key benefits of using Kotlin include its compatibility with Java, improved code quality, better error handling, and its ability to save time and money in the development process. Plus, it’s a cross-platform language, which means you can use it to build apps for Android, iOS, and the web.

The LiveLike Engagement SDK was built with Android stock UI and is only compatible with Android. To expand its usability, we developed the Kotlin SDK to allow for compatibility with all platforms that can run Kotlin. Similar to our Swift SDK, the newly developed Kotlin SDK is also smaller in size since it doesn’t come bundled with UI components, meaning quicker download speeds and installation time, lower storage requirements and a faster, more responsive performance.

Add, Reply, Sort and Manage comments Via API, iOS, and Android SDKs

In addition to our Comments-as-a-Service launch, this latest update enables our clients to manage comments and comment boards more thoroughly and efficiently on their platform. Take control of user discussions by adding, replying to or sorting comments via iOS and Android SDKs and managing comment boards via Web SDK. With this new update, you can now get comments and replies in any sorted order—eg. newest to oldest—and create, list, update, or delete individual comments.


We hope you enjoy these new updates, and please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. If you are not yet using LiveLike but are interested in integrating our solution, you can also reach out and book a demo with our sales team.

Written By

Meg Glover

Brand & Content Manager

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