LiveLike Feature Spotlight:
Match Predictor

Everything fans need to prep for gameday, in one place on your platform.

With the LiveLike Match Predictor, users on your platform have the chance to become active participants in the drama unfolding on the field, no matter where or when they’re tuning in. From predicting the outcome of crucial plays to anticipating the performance of star athletes and competing against fellow fans in real-time, the Match Predictor product works to forge connections, foster camaraderie, and fuel the fervor of sports fandom.

Let’s get into the LiveLike Match Predictor—a gateway to active fan engagement, where passion meets prediction and where every moment becomes an opportunity to elevate the sports experience.

What is a Match Predictor

The LiveLike Match Predictor is a dedicated, standalone product that seamlessly integrates into a brand’s existing platform or ecosystem, allowing fans to easily predict game outcomes for their favorite teams, leagues and tournaments. From forecasting possession stats and final scores to match winners and individual player performances, the Match Predictor empowers fans to immerse themselves in the excitement of gameday in a new and dynamic way—before, during, and after each match. Users can access the Match Predictor hub to view upcoming games and submit their guesses before the games begin. 

Match Predictors feature correlating fan leaderboards to showcase the most accurate prediction makers on the platform, fostering a sense of friendly competition among users. These leaderboards further enable brands to introduce rewards and incentives for users who make correct predictions or find themselves at the top of a leaderboard. 

Brands have the option to feature multiple leaderboards so that different competitions—per match, per month, per season—can take place at the same time. In line with this, different levels of rewards can be offered to the various leaderboard winners, varying depending on the leaderboard type (e.g., a signed jersey awarded to a match leaderboard winner versus a one-year hospitality package awarded to or a season-long leaderboard winner).

Overall, the LiveLike Match Predictor serves as an interactive and engaging hub within sports apps, allowing fans to test their knowledge, and compete with friends and fellow fans.

Why We Introduced Match Predictors

At LiveLike, our mission is to revolutionize fan engagement by offering a 360° suite of features to ensure brands can provide everything their users need—all in one place. Our Match Predictor isn’t just about predicting game scenarios; it’s about creating an immersive and interactive experience that keeps fans glued to your platform. With the Match Predictor, users no longer need to look elsewhere for prediction tools, online player or game data research, or real-time matchday updates. What’s more, it’s a product that can introduce new revenue streams and monetization opportunities through sponsorships, ads and premium features.

By offering a dedicated hub for predicting game outcomes, LiveLike ensures that brands can retain their users and prevent them from drifting to third-party platforms. This commitment to comprehensive engagement features not only enriches the viewing experience but also deepens the bond between fans and their favorite teams.

Globo's Masked Singer Brasil Fan Zone

In 2024, the major Brazilian TV broadcaster, Globo, partnered with LiveLike to enhance the fan experience of its hit show, The Masked Singer Brasil. Globo leveraged LiveLike’s Predictor product to introduce a new way for its fan community to connect, before, during and after the live shows.

Powered by LiveLike and accessed through a QR code displayed during the show, an interactive timeline showcasing updates, prediction games, weekly quizzes and a dedicated fan leaderboard are now available on the entertainment hub website, Gshow. There, fans can interact with the timeline features to compete for prizes while watching each weekly broadcast, enjoying a fun, social experience that keeps them engaged throughout the season.

This collaboration with Globo showcases how the LiveLike Predictor feature goes beyond sports and serves as a powerful fan engagement within the realm of reality TV, competition shows and entertainment. With the LiveLike-powered Predictor, Masked Singer Brasil fans can place their bets on what is going to happen in the upcoming season or on a weekly basis before each episode, predicting season winners, the celebrities that will be revealed under the masks, and more. 

NZR+ Play Predictor

This year marked the launch of the NZR+ Play Predictor, an innovative addition to the NZR+ platform that revolutionizes the rugby fan experience. With this dedicated match prediction game center, fans on the NZR+ platform can now immerse themselves in the ultimate prediction game, showcasing their rugby expertise to forecast game outcomes and predict final scores, all while standing a chance to win exciting weekly prizes like gift vouchers to the All Blacks merch shop.

Currently covering both Super Rugby Pacific and Super Rugby Aupiki, the LiveLike-powered prediction center is poised to become the go-to companion for rugby enthusiasts throughout the season.

By enabling fans to actively participate in predicting game outcomes, the LiveLike Match Predictor transforms passive spectators into active contributors. With benefits ranging from heightened engagement to revenue generation, the Match Predictor is a must-have tool for brands looking to connect deeply with their fan base.

Get in touch for more information about integrating a Match Predictor into your ecosystem or to learn how LiveLike can enhance your digital platform experience.

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