Introducing: The LiveLike Match Center Experience

The LiveLike audience engagement suite is known for its interactive widgets, community-building tools, and loyalty rewards systems, each holding the power to enhance user engagement on digital platforms. 

Individually, these three main sets of tools offer opportunities to engage users and keep them excited about returning to a brand’s platform—whether it’s an app or a website—more frequently and for longer periods of time. It’s no surprise, then, that when combined and used alongside each other, LiveLike tools can take sports fan engagement levels to unprecedented heights.

And while some LiveLike clients pick and choose different features from our flexible, modular suite, combining points systems, trivia quizzes, leaderboards and more, others take advantage of our all-encompassing package solution: the LiveLike Match Center Experience.

Boasting a 3-8 tab experience that can be seamlessly integrated into any existing platform layout, the LiveLike Match Center makes it easier than ever to combine our tools to engage any sports fan—from the sports-curious newbies to the true diehards. In this blog, we’re diving into the impact of combining our features by introducing the LiveLike Match Center experience to your platform.

What is a LiveLike Match Center?

A 3-8-Tab System: Tailoring the Experience

Simply put, the LiveLike Match Center is a user hub made up of 3 to 8 tabs, each serving a unique purpose by presenting a different activity or course of action for users on a platform. From General Information to Live Chats and Fan Leaderboards, the tabs are strategically crafted to maximize fan connection and allow for a completely customized fan experience. 

  • General Information Tab: All-Inclusive Details

The General Information tab offers comprehensive game details, including head-to-head stats and previous results. It becomes a pre-game hub for fans to check out the competition, effectively boosting visits, traffic, and time spent in the app before the games even begin!

  • Timeline Tab: Enriching the Experience

The Timeline tab holds the collection of LiveLike interactive widgets, constantly delivering informative and interactive content for users to play and compare results with the masses. Facts about the game, polls, quizzes, and even video snippets from the archive create an immersive experience.

  • Live Chat Tab: Real-Time Engagement

The Live Chat tab fosters real-time conversations between users, fans and friends during the match. With public chat options, custom emojis, reactions, and moderation tools, it not only encourages engagement but also serves as a valuable tool to increase daily active users on match days.

  • Fan Leaderboard Tab: Recognizing Fan Passion

The Fan Leaderboard tab showcases the passion of the platform’s most engaged and loyal users, ranking fans based on the quality and quantity of their Match Center interactions and overall dedication to the platform and the sport. Featuring user names, positions, and sponsor logos, the Leaderboard tab not only boosts engagement but also offers promotional opportunities for sponsors.

  • Line-Up Tab: Pre-Game Anticipation

The Line-Up tab, available hours before the game, provides fans with team line-ups and player details, acting as a go-to pre-game source for fans to get all the information they need before the start of the match!

  • Stats Tab: Real-Time Game Insights

The Stats tab, perhaps the most crucial during a game, offers global statistics in real-time, including comparative statistics for both teams on shots, shots on attempt, ball possessions, passes, fouls, yellow cards, red cards, and more.

  • Rankings & Calendar Tab: Expanding Information Horizons

The Rankings tab and Calendar tab provide users with even more match-day information. The Rankings tab presents a list of all games taking place that day, offering the ability to view the real-time results for other games. Similarly, the Calendar tab presents a list of the upcoming matches, with relevant information including the names and logos of the teams playing, the date and time of the matches, and the ability to see updated rankings based on the current live scores.

  • Bonus! The Match Centre Score Box

While it’s not technically a part of the tab system, the Score Box is a standard part of every LiveLike Match Center, featured above the tabs at the top of the screen to display the team names and logos of the next upcoming match with other basic information like the date, time and venue. Once the displayed match goes live, the Score Box automatically updates with the score, the scorers, and any distributed red or yellow cards.

Our Match Center Creates Value on Multiple Levels

Beyond boosting immediate fan engagement, the LiveLike Match Center generates second-order benefits throughout the user journey. From new registrations and repeat logins to content impressions and user interactions, the platform creates tangible value for both sports properties and fans.

In conclusion, the LiveLike Match Center stands as a transformative tool for sports properties seeking to deepen their connection with fans. By providing a rich, interactive, and customizable experience, it not only elevates fan engagement during live events but also creates lasting value across the entire user journey. With its multifaceted approach, the Match Center is poised to become an indispensable asset in shaping the future of digital fan interaction in the sports industry.

Get in touch to learn more about the LiveLike Match Center experience or to learn how LiveLike can enhance your digital platform experience.

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