LiveLike Feature Spotlight: Social Graph

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: The foundation of any thriving digital platform lies in its ability to foster connections and create a sense of community among users. With the introduction of Social Graph-as-a-Service, our goal is to make that easier than ever to do on your platform.

For this Feature Spotlight, we’re taking a look at LiveLike’s Social Graph-as-a-Service (SGaaS)!

What is Social Graph-as-a-Service (SGaaS)?

Social Graph is a user-friendly, API-first service designed to transform the way your users connect, interact, and personalize their experiences within online communities. 

A social graph is like a map that shows who’s connected to whom within a social network, like Facebook or LinkedIn, or on a platform, like a fitness app. Social graph makes this map accessible for developers to use through something called an API, a standard tool that allows one software application to interact with and utilize the functionality or data of another software application. 

So, instead of investing extensive time and effort into constructing their social map system, developers can leverage SGaaS to swiftly integrate people and connections into a pre-existing service. The advantage of social graph lies in the rapid addition of user data and connections without the need to develop data feeds and storage infrastructure. This way, developers can focus on creating other exciting features that use social map data to personalize user experiences and add additional social features.

End result? SGaaS saves time, saves resources, and makes things a whole lot simpler! 

Why We Introduced Social Graph-as-a-Service

By offering a user-friendly, API-first service, we empower our clients to seamlessly integrate this powerful tool and transform how their users connect, interact, and personalize their experiences. It’s not merely a response to a market need; it’s a testament to our commitment to innovation and delivering solutions that go beyond expectations. 

Social Graph allows users to go beyond just connecting, to experience dynamic, personalized, and socially-charged digital experiences. It’s about turning every platform into a lively community and making LiveLike the go-to for those who dare to reimagine the possibilities of user engagement.

Benefits of Integrating LiveLike Social Graph

So, why should you consider integrating social graph-as-a-service into your digital platform?

  • Encourage Social Interactions: Foster a dynamic community, reinforcing belonging and encouraging users to connect, share, and engage.
  • Hyper-Personalize User Experiences: Enable users to create tailored networks, enhancing their journey through the platform.
  • Flexible & Customizable: Overlay SGaaS on digital platforms through APIs for effortless enhancement of user engagement and personalized experiences.
  • Personalized Marketing/First-Party Data: Understand user interests for targeted campaigns, higher ROI, and improved customer experiences.

Combine with Other LiveLike Tools: Integrate Social Graph with LiveLike features in chat rooms, fan zone mini-games, etc. Users can track friends’ online status, fostering real-time connections. Loyalty and reward mechanics, like exclusive leaderboards among friends, incentivize network expansion.

Using SGaaS as a Developer

As a product developer using SGaaS, you can:

  • Create and query connections between users.
  • Define relationship types like followers, friends, or classmates.
  • Discover and analyze connections in your network of users.
  • Integrate with existing features and user data seamlessly.

Bally Live: A Socially-Charged Platform Experience

In the summer of 2022, LiveLike teamed up with one of the world’s biggest brands to power a new fan engagement platform around the FIFA World Cup. As part of the activation, we launched an audience platform experience called the ‘Fan Zone’, a dedicated user hub that combined LiveLike mini-games and loyalty rewards tools to engage fans around the world.

Specifically, the Fan Zone featured LiveLike’s Prediction Center, allowing fans to make multiple predictions for every match, fostering friendly competition with their peers while also gauging their standing on a global scale. Users simply selected the match of their choice, answered five consecutive questions, validated their predictions, and earned points for each accurate forecast. 

Adding to the excitement, users had the opportunity to earn three coveted loyalty badges, each associated with specific actions within the mini-game: Make a Prediction, Share a Prediction, and Perfect Prediction. In total, the Fan Zone recorded an impressive 480k interactions, showcasing the widespread enthusiasm and engagement fostered by the dynamic mini-game experience.

Using SGaaS, the Bally Live experience allows users to connect with each other by sending friend requests within the platform, adding a personal touch to their interactions. This isn’t just about watching sports; it’s about creating a sense of community and bringing fans together through technology that understands and amplifies the social aspect of the sports experience.

Fueled by Social Graph capabilities and other LiveLike community-building features, Bally Live offers a dynamic, socially-charged hub for global sports fans to connect, engage, and share their passion for baseball.

All in all, LiveLike’s Social Graph emerges as a powerful tool not only for connecting users but also for elevating the entire user experience. The integration of Social Graph opens doors to a socially charged environment, turning every platform interaction into an opportunity for users to connect, engage, and share their passion.

Get in touch to learn more about social graph or to find out how LiveLike can enhance your platform experience.

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