Personalizing User Experiences With Customer Data Platforms

The digital era has brought about a change in user behaviour and expectations, with customers now craving personalized, engaging experiences from the brands they interact with. This trend is particularly significant in the sports and media industry, where customer engagement is paramount to the success of any business platform. 

The emergence of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) has been a response to this shift, providing brands with an opportunity to create hyper-personalized experiences for their customers through comprehensive, unified customer data. That’s why LiveLike has teamed up with some of the best CDPs out there to unlock the potential of customer data and bring our fan engagement solution even further.

By combining our offerings, rich first-party data stored in CDPs can be used to target and personalize experiences delivered via LiveLike’s engagement suite, data which can then inform polls, quizzes, alerts, promotions and more, helping brands to reduce churn and improve monetization. Similarly, CDPs benefit from the valuable first and zero-party data collected by LiveLike, allowing for the creation of more comprehensive customer profiles for businesses.

In this article, we explore the power of CDPs and how our integration with top-tier CDPs enhances the experience for LiveLike clients.

First Thing First: What is a Customer Data Platform/CDP?

Simply put, CDPs are software platforms that collect and organize customer data from multiple sources, such as websites, mobile apps, and social media. This data can be used to create comprehensive customer profiles, which can then inform marketing strategies and personalize customer experiences.

Since the main objective of the LiveLike solution is to engage users and enhance the platform experience, our partnership with high-class CDPs was a natural progression. By seamlessly integrating with CDPs, we can collect and analyze data on user behavior and preferences, enabling us to deliver even more engaging and immersive user experiences.

Effective Audience Segmentation Using Crucial User Data

Using a CDP has several benefits for companies, one of which is creating a single customer view. This means that all customer data is able to be stored in one place, making it easier for companies to analyze and understand their customer’s behaviors and preferences. 

Companies can use these single customer views to quickly analyze interactions across multiple touchpoints, such as websites, mobile apps, social media, and customer service interactions. This allows them to identify patterns, trends, and opportunities to improve the customer experience and create tailored marketing campaigns, personalized content recommendations, and customized offers.

CDPs also enable audience segmentation, which involves dividing a company’s customer base into specific groups based on characteristics such as demographics, behavior, or interests. This enables brands to tailor their marketing efforts to specific groups effectively. By providing a single, comprehensive view of each customer, companies can quickly segment their audience based on various criteria and target them more effectively.

For example, let’s take a sports retailer that wants to market their products to customers based on age and location. Using the CDP, the company is able to create age and location-specific segments, including those aged 10-15 years who are interested in football and live in the Northeast region of the US. 

For this specific segment, the company could create targeted campaigns that appeal to younger customers, such as promotions on youth football equipment or apparel featuring local teams. They could also create content on their social media accounts featuring popular football influencers from the Northeast region.

As you can imagine, the marketing efforts for this example campaign would be extremely different from if that same company wanted to target baseball fans aged 50+ years in the Midwest region. In this case, the retailer might promote deals on baseball bats or gloves suitable for older players in colder climates. In each case, using a CDP to segment their audience based on demographics and behavior allows them to tailor their marketing efforts and increase the relevance and effectiveness of their campaigns.

CDP Integration Brings Powerful Audience Insights to LiveLike Clients

So, how does LiveLike fit into the equation? 

As you already know, LiveLike offers the best possible solution to fan engagement with its modular toolkit of interactive and informative widgets, live chat capabilities, web3 services, and loyalty rewards programs. With our suite of modular tools like polls, cheer meters, alerts, and trivia quizzes, our clients can deliver personalized, interactive experiences across their digital platforms that keep their users engaged, informed, and eager for more. 

By leveraging customer data stored in CDPs, LiveLike is now able to provide even more personalized experiences by combining our capabilities with real-time user insights and thorough audience segmentation. This is achieved through two different approaches:

Firstly, we can use the data stored in the CDPs to deliver targeted widgets and interactive modules to specific audience segments. This allows LiveLike clients to provide a more tailored experience for their users based on their interests and behaviors.

Secondly, we can connect user segments with our loyalty rewards systems to drive desired end-user actions and behavior for each specific audience segment. By using the data stored in CDPs, our “custom action” system can be easily connected to specific user actions or segments to provide targeted rewards that drive desired behavior from users on the platform. This approach allows our clients to incentivize certain user actions and drive engagement in a more personalized and effective way.

360° Customer Profiles Inform LiveLike Interactive Experiences

The integration of CDPs has not only improved LiveLike’s interactive capabilities, but it has also made the process of rewarding users for completing certain actions much easier for LiveLike’s clients. Before this integration, LiveLike clients would have to connect to their APIs in order to reward their users for completing certain actions. This process could be time-consuming and require technical expertise.

However, with the pre-built connector that comes with the integration of CDPs, LiveLike clients can now easily connect user actions to LiveLike’s “custom action” system for user-specific loyalty rewards. This means that clients can now reward their users without having to connect to an API or write any code. This makes the process of rewarding users much more accessible and user-friendly, allowing LiveLike clients to focus on creating engaging content and driving user loyalty rather than spending time on technical integrations.

This ease of use is, of course, a major advantage of integrating with CDPs. By simplifying the process of rewarding users for completing specific actions, LiveLike clients can more easily drive customer engagement and loyalty, meaning more clients can benefit from LiveLike’s loyalty capabilities, regardless of their technical expertise.

Powering CDPs Through LiveLike Audience Engagement

While CDPs allow fan engagement platforms to power data-driven custom experiences, the reverse is also true. In the case of LiveLike, our interactive engagement tools work to collect valuable customer data from end-users that can majorly inform CDPs. Through our extensive suite of interactive widgets—polls, quizzes, cheer meters, sliders—and loyalty systems—points, badges, leaderboards—LiveLike is constantly gathering first and zero-party data from its clients’ end users, gaining access to important user information regarding behavior, segmentation and interests.

These interaction points become valuable first-party and zero-party data that LiveLike can feed into CDPs, to then create more comprehensive customer views for businesses. This data enables businesses to segment their customers more effectively, leading to more tailored marketing strategies and data-driven platform experiences.

All in all, CDPs have transformed how businesses engage with their customers, and fan engagement platforms like LiveLike are instrumental in enhancing this process. Through the combination of LiveLike’s first and zero-party user data, interactive fan engagement tools, and loyalty rewards systems, with the 360° customer views made available by CDPs, LiveLike clients have access to a comprehensive and seamless solution to fan engagement.

The integration enables these clients to gain real-time insights into customer behavior and preferences and allows them to adjust their marketing and engagement strategies on the fly. With this ability to make data-driven decisions, brands can optimize their marketing efforts, enhance customer satisfaction, and improve ROI outcomes. By harnessing the power of CDPs, LiveLike continues to drive innovation in the fan engagement industry and help our clients stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Get in touch to learn more about customer data platforms or to find out how LiveLike can enhance your platform experience.

Written By

Meg Glover

Brand & Content Manager

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