Get Personal: The Power of Customization on Your Platform

Customization has become a crucial aspect in today’s market, where the ability to personalize the user experience can mean the difference between success and mediocrity for a business. By offering a platform with a wide range of customization options, you empower your clients to create a truly unique experience that resonates with their target audience and sets them apart from the competition.

From interactive features to loyalty programs and beyond, giving your clients the tools they need to tailor their offering to their specific user needs is a surefire way to drive fan engagement and satisfaction. In fact, 71% of consumers expect a personalized digital experience when they go online, and 76% get frustrated when they don’t find it

In other words, customization is KEY; that’s why the LiveLike engagement suite offers a wide range of customization options, from branded interactive widgets and live chats to customizable loyalty rewards programs and web3/NFT solutions. With these tools, you can create a truly unique and personalized experience that sets your platform apart from the rest and keeps your audience engaged and coming back for more.

In this article, we’re breaking down the main reasons why customization is so crucial for the success of your digital platform.

First Thing's First: Why is Non-Customizability a Problem?

Before we dive into the benefits of customizing your platform, let’s talk about the potential drawbacks of not prioritizing it.

Non-customizability can present a number of issues for platforms, including:

Lack of User Engagement

In 2023, people crave authentic brand experiences, including feeling like it was made specifically to meet their needs and certain user expectations. About 76% of consumers are more likely to consider purchasing from brands that offer this kind of personalization.

Because of this, a one-size-fits-all approach to a platform’s features and functionality can lead to a lack of fan engagement. Without the ability to personalize their user journey or feel as though the experience was made for them, users are likely to lose interest more quickly in a brand and seek alternative solutions that are more customized.

Limited Platform Differentiation

In a crowded market, non-customizability can limit a platform’s ability to differentiate itself from the competition. Without customization, a platform can be perceived as just another generic offering that fails to address the unique needs and preferences of its users.

For example, consider two platforms offering event management services. The first platform provides a one-size-fits-all solution that is not customizable, and the second provides a range of customization options like personalized branding, custom event pages, and unique agenda-building tools. Which platform do you think event planners are going to choose? 

The answer is clear: the second platform, with its customizability, is much more likely to be chosen as it offers a unique and tailored experience for each event planner’s specific needs.

Missed Monetization Opportunities

Customization options not only enhance the user experience, but they can also provide monetization opportunities for a platform. The ability to offer premium features or services to users who are willing to pay for them can result in significant revenue streams for a platform. This is because users are often willing to pay for a premium experience that is tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

For example, consider a platform that provides custom branding options. The platform could offer basic branding options for free, while offering premium options such as custom logo design or personalized event pages for a fee, a monetization opportunity that would not have been possible without the customization options the platform offers.

So, What Are the Benefits of Customization on a Platform?

Besides avoiding these downfalls, customizing your platform also offers a multitude of benefits, including increased user satisfaction, better user adoption, and heightened customer retention. By providing a tailored experience, customization can reduce acquisition costs by as much as 50%, lift revenues by 5-15%, and increase marketing spend efficiency by 10-30%.

Whether it’s through offering customizable dashboards and profiles, user-generated content, configurable settings, a variety of platform themes and skins, third-party integrations, or AI-powered recommendations to adhere to your individual users’ interests and behavior, customization is a key factor in delivering a platform that truly empowers users and drives success.

So, why not make customization a priority and reap the rewards of a more engaged and loyal user base?

Let’s get into the major benefits of customization:

Increased User Satisfaction & Engagement

As we’ve mentioned, customization allows users to personalize their experience, leading to higher user satisfaction and engagement levels. By allowing users to personalize their experience, they are more likely to be satisfied with the platform, continue spending more time on it, and interact with more content and features. This added customization also boosts brand loyalty, as users are more likely to feel a stronger connection and ownership over their experience.

Increased User Retention

A platform that is able to provide a personalized experience is more likely to retain users over time, as they feel that their needs and preferences are being addressed and met. When users can tailor the platform, they are more likely to remain loyal and continue using a platform. This increased user retention can lead to increased revenue, customer loyalty, and long-term success for the platform. 

Access to Crucial User Data

When users are given the ability to customize their experience on a platform, they are more likely to engage with it and form a deeper connection with the brand. By personalizing various aspects of the platform, such as their profile, preferences, and settings, users are providing valuable information about themselves to the company. This information can then be analyzed to gain insights into the preferences, habits, and needs of the user base as a whole.

For example, a company offering a personalized music streaming service may collect data on the genres and artists that individual users listen to most frequently. This data can then be used to improve the platform’s recommendation engine, ensuring that users are being served music they are more likely to enjoy. Additionally, the company may use the data to identify new music trends and adjust its content offerings accordingly, providing users with a better and more relevant music experience.

At LiveLike, we understand that customization provides a personalized and unique experience for each and every end-user; that’s why it remains such a critical aspect of the LiveLike engagement solution. Every individual has different needs and preferences, and offering customization capabilities allows our clients to cater to those differences and create a truly tailored platform experience. 

With customization, we’re able to offer platforms the ability to meet the specific requirements and goals of each fan and user, resulting in increased satisfaction, engagement, and overall growth. In short, customization is a key factor in delivering a platform that truly empowers users to achieve their objectives and drive their success.

Want to learn how LiveLike can help you customize your platform experience for users? Contact us today.

Written By

Meg Glover

Brand & Content Manager

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