UCI and WBD’s Innovative Partnership with LiveLike and TCL

Revolutionizing Fan Experiences for the 2023 Track Champions League

In the build-up to the highly anticipated return of the Track Champions League (TCL) in 2023, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and Warner Bros Discovery (WBD) faced two unique challenges:

  1. How to raise awareness about the sport and make it more accessible to a broader audience and;
  2. How to actively involve and retain fans throughout the season. 

Enter the UCI TCL Fan Zone—a groundbreaking initiative born from a strategic partnership with LiveLike. The Fan Zone introduced a dedicated virtual hub where fans could come together and engage like never before. The primary goal was not only to engage fans throughout the competition but also to address the broader challenge of democratizing the sport, tailoring zone quests to help users discover more about the app itself, the riders, and the intricacies of track.

In this article, we’re diving into the UCI TCL Fan Zone—an immersive fan experience designed for iOS and Android mobile applications—from concept and creation to successful integration.

The Fan Zone Concept & Key Features

When creating any kind of specialized fan engagement hub, the priority needs to be on putting the fans first. With the UCI TCL Fan Zone, users aren’t just getting an app; instead, the Zone offers a dynamic, engaging and rewarding platform that empowers fans to become an integral part of the racing action throughout the season and beyond. 

And it’s not just about offering moments of play. It’s about tying that interactivity and engagement to real rewards that keep your fans coming back for more. The TCL Fan Zone empowers users to earn points and compete for exciting rewards through active engagement with the app during races and intervals. 

Users have the chance to accumulate points by participating in mini-games like trivia quizzes, predictions, and quests. These earned points enable fans to climb the Zone’s leaderboard and compete for a spot in the top 10. Fans who prove to be the most engaged or loyal by reaching the top of the leaderboard can win exciting rewards from TCL and UCI, like gift cards, signed jerseys, and even an all-expense paid trip to see the upcoming TCL finale.

By tying fans’ interactions with the platform to real rewards that appeal to their unique demographic, the Fan Zone is a crucial step to properly retaining TCL fans and keeping them engaged with the brand, platform, and sport.

TCL Quests: Incentivizing User Actions

While LiveLike’s interactive widgets (predictions, polls, quizzes) and fan leaderboard are easy enough to understand, the Fan Zone Quests tab gets slightly more complex.

Quests are sets of tasks that users must complete to achieve a designated Quest goal. Quest tasks are individual tasks or actions a user must take in order to make progress on the Quest, and can be completed in any order on the platform to guide user journeys or simply make the platform experience more engaging and gamified. 

The LiveLike-powered Quest feature implemented by TCL serves multiple purposes on the TCL Fan Zone app. Quests enhance feature discoverability, encourage repeat app usage, and motivate users to take predefined, value-creating actions on the platform. Quest tasks, such as cheering for riders, comparing performances, and reading related news articles, are intricately tied to a points system, allowing fans to climb the TCL leaderboard and vie for exciting rewards.

The application is designed to enhance the spectator’s experience in front of the TV and at the stadium. First, it will provide them with practical information about the program and help them understand what’s happening on the track. This application will also help us to achieve quantitative targets. Today, perhaps not everyone understands what the Track Champions League is about, that there are several weekly events, and so on. So we’ve set up several little tricks on the app this year to encourage fans, in a hidden way, to find out more about the athletes and how the competition works, and above all, to have fun and get involved. The best example, and we tested it this year, is the Fan Zone we created with LiveLike, which meets our need to get people to return to the app and interact with us through gamification. These little things will make fans stick with the TCL. 

Florent Pavia

General Manager, UCI Track Champions League

User Profile: Driving Registration and Participation

One of the Fan Zone’s other major contributions is its role in gathering valuable fan information and driving registrations during the TCL season. While fans can engage in gameplay on the UCI TCL Fan Zone without registering initially, the transition from “Not Registered” to “Registered” status unlocks features of the app and involves providing essential information such as email address and country.

The incentive to provide this crucial data? Exciting prizes that capture the attention of fans. This strategy not only drives increased participation but also serves as an effective means of collecting invaluable fan data that can be used to personalize future content, deliver targeted promotions, and more. 

All in all, the UCI TCL Fan Zone, powered by LiveLike, is redefining fan engagement in the world of competitive cycling. By seamlessly blending entertainment, interactivity, and rewards, the Fan Zone ensures that fans are not just spectators but active contributors to the excitement of the Track Champions League. As the 2024 season unfolds, the partnership between UCI, LiveLike, and TCL promises a thrilling journey for both fans and riders alike.

Get in touch for more information about the UCI TCL Fan Zone or to learn about how LiveLike can enhance your digital platform experience.

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