LiveLike Feature Spotlight: The Power of Quests

Whether it’s integrating live chatbots, introducing mini-games, or updating design elements, brands are constantly seeking ways to innovate their digital platforms to captivate audiences and keep them coming back more frequently. But users need more than just one-off games or fleeting moments of interaction to feel compelled to return to a platform consistently or for longer periods of time.

Enter the power of quests — a dynamic feature that transforms passive users into active participants, all while creating lasting user engagement on your platform. With quests, users can experience the satisfaction of knocking off tasks or challenges one by one as they compete against themselves, friends or fellow users, striving to complete all quest tasks to claim exciting prizes. What’s more, brands have the ability to apply rewards on top of LiveLike Quests to engage users even further, allowing them to unlock exclusive badges, prizes, and experiences with each completed quest. 

So, let’s get into the adventure of LiveLike Quests!

What is a Quest?

Sometimes named a Challenge, a Journey, or an Adventure, a Quest is a set of tasks that users must complete in order to achieve specific goals and earn rewards on your platform. Quests tap into the desire for active participation and instant gratification, offering clear objectives and tangible rewards in a simplified checklist format. Whether it’s interacting with widgets, engaging in chatrooms, climbing leaderboards, or completing any other action you desire on your platform, quests offer a gamified experience that encourages users to dive deeper into your ecosystem. 

Quests can encompass tasks within the LiveLike ecosystem itself, such as interacting with LiveLike polls, quizzes, AMAs, etc. or extend beyond to include actions outside of the LiveLike ecosystem, like logging in to the app or inviting friends to join the platform. This versatility allows you to tailor quests to fit seamlessly into your entire digital presence, from apps to websites and beyond.

Why We Introduced Quests

The main reason we introduced Quests as a part of our offering was to provide brands with the most efficient tools to achieve their unique business goals and overcome challenges they may face on their platform. 

Since quests can include any task actions within or outside of the LiveLike ecosystem, the possibilities for driving user behavior are endless. Whether it’s boosting subscriptions, promoting key features, or expanding your user base, quests provide a flexible mechanism to incentivize desired actions and steer users toward valuable interactions.

What’s more, thanks to our existing robust loyalty rewards system within our offering, we have ensured the integration of quests and rewards is a seamless and highly effective joint solution when done through LiveLike. By leveraging our established infrastructure, LiveLike Quest users can effortlessly tie quests to specific rewards, automating the process of awarding users with points, badges, and prizes upon quest completion and task fulfillment. 

This integration not only enhances user engagement but also streamlines the user experience, offering a cohesive journey where users can seamlessly progress through quests while earning tangible rewards. The ability to directly link quests to our existing rewards system ensures users are consistently incentivized and motivated to participate, fostering a deeper level of engagement and loyalty within our clients’ platform ecosystems.

Benefits of Integrating LiveLike Quests

So, why should you consider integrating quests into your digital platform experience? 

As previously mentioned, the major advantage of introducing Quests to your platform is the ability to target your unique business goals, no matter what they are. By assigning users tasks within a quest, you can ultimately drive them toward certain actions on your platform and motivate them to explore different features or areas within your ecosystem. In other words, whether your aim is to increase user engagement, drive subscriptions, or promote specific features on your platform, quests provide a versatile tool for aligning user behaviour with your overarching business objectives.

For example, if your major goal is to drive new user subscriptions, you could introduce a Quest that involves “Inviting 3 Friends to the Platform.” By adding this as a task, users are incentivized to invite their friends to join your app experience. Plus, while they work towards completing the Quest at hand to earn rewards, you can enjoy a boost in your user subscription rate.

What’s more, regardless of your unique business goal, integrating Quests will work to subsequently improve user retention rates and result in valuable user data collection. No matter the tasks they involve, Quests incentivize users to spend more time within your app or website as they strive to complete tasks on time and earn rewards. 

Additionally, as users engage with quests, you gain valuable insights into their preferences, behaviors, and engagement patterns specifically tied to quest-related activities. This granular data allows for a deeper understanding of how users interact with your tools, enabling you to fine-tune quest designs, tailor rewards, and optimize the overall platform experience for enhanced user satisfaction and long-term engagement.

LiveLike x Loco Gaming Platform

In 2023, LiveLike and Loco partnered to gamify the entire Loco mobile app experience and take things to the next level in terms of fan engagement with LiveLike Quests. The collaboration started with the creation and implementation of our quest feature within every livestream on the platform to encourage greater livestream interaction. Now, Loco uses LiveLike to power four different types of quests for users, including daily quests, fan quests, top fan quests, and super fan quests, each gradually increasing in difficulty and reward potential.

By integrating quests into the Loco platform and tying them to the LiveLike rewards system, Loco users are motivated to spend time tuning into Loco livestreams and interacting with Loco streamers. For each livestream minute watched and interaction completed, users earn points that are automatically converted into Loco gold currency that can be redeemed for real gift cards to Amazon, Google Play, and more.

And the results speak for themselves! Since its launch, over 1 million users have initiated a LiveLike-powered quest on the Loco platform, with 70% of users successfully completing at least one quest.

LiveLike x YES Network Rewards Program

Also in 2023, YES collaborated with LiveLike to launch the “YES Rewards” loyalty program, pioneering the first app-based loyalty program for TV sports viewing. The program debuted mid-Yankees 2023 season and introduced the ability for fans to earn prizes and deepen their connection with the YES brand by engaging with YES App content and features through LiveLike-powered Quests.

Now on the YES Rewards platform, fans can earn points by watching games, viewing other YES App programs (such as VOD), engaging with app features such as Pick-N-Play and Pick-N-Play Live, and more. Moreover, thanks to our integration with Prizeout, rewards earned on YES Rewards are then redeemable for real gift cards.

Since its launch, YES Rewards has proven to influence user behavior, with over 200k users onboarded in the first four months of launch, and an over 50% increase in active participation in in-game interactive modules.

With LiveLike Quests, you have a powerful tool at your disposal to transform passive spectators into active participants, driving meaningful interactions, fostering loyalty, and ultimately propelling your platform to new heights of success. Unlock the potential of quests today and embark on a journey to unparalleled user engagement and satisfaction. 

Get in touch to learn more about activity feeds-as-a-service or to find out how LiveLike can enhance your platform experience.

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